Kindergarten Program 

Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years, and to do so in a safe and caring play-based environment that promotes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of all children. (Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (Draft), Ministry of Education, 2010, p.1)

Looking Forward

Parents may look forward to the following as they anticipate their children’s entry into Kindergarten in September:

  • Completing registration at the family's home school
  • Checking the Halton Catholic District School Board’s website for further information
  • Using Halton Region’s Ready, Set, Go! twelve month calendar for information about everything from children’s health to reading to children
  • Completing a Nipissing screening form for the child (found in the Ready, Set, Go! calendar)
  • Applying to the four week EvenStart summer program if the child has not had any previous pre-school experience
  • Attending a Kindergarten parent orientation evening at the school in May or June
  • Receiving notification about the first school visit and entry in September
  • Arranging a visit to the school for a child who is particularly anxious about starting school

Ready for School?

Considerations for school readiness:

  • Being in good health; developing independence in daily living skills (e.g., washroom independence)
  • Being curious about the world and trying new experiences; interacting cooperatively with other children and responding appropriately to adults
  • Coping with small challenges (e.g., spending time away from mom or dad for short periods of time)
  • Communicating own needs; speaking clearly about experiences
  • Enjoying favourite books, songs, riddles, games
  • Participating in early learning experiences (e.g., public library, play dates, etc.)

In Kindergarten, the intent is to partner with families in continuing the process of readying children for learning by supporting their physical, social, emotional development and their communication, language and thinking skills. Appropriate development in these areas has been shown to be important to future achievement in school. (Full-Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program (Draft), Ministry of Education, 2010, p.1)

English Language Learners and Starting Kindergarten

English language learners bring rich experiences to our Kindergarten classes. The Halton Catholic District School Board welcomes and values this diversity. Parents are encouraged to continue speaking with their child in their home language. This will give the child a strong foundation in his/her first language and make learning English in the classroom easier. Parents are also encouraged to continue celebrating their family and cultural traditions. For more information, please visit: Halton Multicultural Council.

School Visits and Entry

Entry to Kindergarten in September is a gradual process. For further information about the gradual entry process, please contact your home school.


School bus transportation will continue to support the core program delivered during the instructional day. For more information regarding transportation, please visit the Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) website.

Parent Resources for Starting School

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