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 How to Apply?


The Application and Procedure for School Admission for International Students for February 2015 is available online, please click here.

The Application and Procedure for School Admission for International Students for September 2015 is available online, please click here.

Please send the completed form to:
Corinne Laurin
Planning Services Department
(905) 632-6300, ext. 147 ​​​​

Halton Catholic District School Board is a Member of:
CAPS-I - Canadian Association of Public Schools - International

OASDI - Ontario Association of School Districts International

Admission Process for International Students

The Halton Catholic District School Board welcomes International Students who wish to apply to attend one of our 9 secondary schools, 45 elementary schools and 3 continuing education adult learning facilities.

Applications for Secondary and Elementary students are being accepted and will be approved based on space availability at individual schools.

Applicants Must Provide:

  • Completed Application for School Admission Form (Non-Resident Students)
  • Education Documents (Copy of Report Card/Transcript)
  • Application Fee in the amount of $250.00, made payable to the Halton Catholic District School Board (Certified Cheque or Money Order)
  • Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (Elementary School Only)

Letter of Acceptance

Once the above documents are received from the applicant and approved, a Letter of Acceptance will be issued to the student. The Letter of Acceptance will assist the student in applying for a Student Authorization (Study Permit) from Citizenship & Immigration Canada or the Consulate or Immigration Office in the applicant's country of residence. The Student Authorization allows the student to study in Canada.

Fee Schedule

​Application Fee There is a $250.00 non-refundable application fee. A certified cheque or money order, payable to the Halton Catholic District School Board, in the amount of $250.00 (Canadian) is to be submitted with the application​.
​Tuition Fee

A Certified Cheque or Money Order, in Canadian Dollars, for the full school year, dated for the first day of the first semester, made payable to the “Halton Catholic District School Boardmust be submitted to Planning Services before the first week of school. Note: Fees are subject to change without prior notice.


There are two Semesters in one school year.
Full School Year (2014/2015)                           $ 13,000.00
Sem. 1 (September 2014 to January 2015)         $ 6,500.00
Sem. 2 (February 2015 to June 2015)                  $ 6,500.00 


Full School Year (2014/2015)                           $ 12,000.00
Sem. 1 (September 2014 to January 2015)         $ 6,000.00
Sem. 2 (February 2015 to June 2015)                   $ 6,000.00

ALC Course                                         $ 1,625.00


The tuition fee for the present Semester will not be refunded once the student has started school. Contact Corinne Laurin for any exceptions to this policy.

A full refund will be issued to the original payee, if the student is denied a Study Permit by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and is unable to travel to Canada.  The original Letter of Rejection must be provided.


The application deadline for an International Student to begin their studies for the first semester in September is June 15th. The deadline for admission for the second semester beginning in February is November 15th.

Additional Documents Required

Once the student arrives in Canada, the following documents will be required before the student can begin classes:

  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Study Permit
  • Guardianship Agreement (if student is under 18 years of age and will be living with a Guardian)
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Immunization Records
  • Halton address where the student will be living

For more detailed information, please see the Halton Catholic District School Boards Policy and Procedures for Non-Resident of Canada Students, Administrative Procedure No. VI-17.​​​​​​​​​​​​​