St. Brigid Elementary School

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Welcome to St. Brigid School.  Our Catholic elementary school, J.K. to Grade 8, is located in Georgetown, Ontario in the Halton Region.  Presently, as of September 2011, we have more than 660 students registered at our school.We thrive in a cooperative partnership that involves the school, the pastoral team of Holy Cross Church and the home in the exalted mission of Catholic education.  It is the faith-centered focus and immersion in our Catholic values that make us unique.  We nurture spiritual discipleship and pursue academic excellence, emulating our Lord Jesus, the Master Teacher.
To the many new families in our community, we welcome you.  We encourage you to become involved in the school as attentive parents, as parent volunteers and as active supporters of the St. Brigid School community

Student Success Programs

St. Brigid Catholic School is committed to up to data assessment and evaluation that promotes academic excellence and improvement in student achievement.  We are grounded in the belief that all students will be able to demonstrate their learning in an environment that reflects the Catholic values of fairness, equity and respect for all.

Program Highlights

  • St. Brigit Brigade (Ambassadors)
  • P.R.O.P.S. (Peers Running Organized Play Stations)
  • Healthy School, Ministry Certification
  • Inter-School Sports (i.e. Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Track & Field etc.)
  • All Star Reading Program
  • School Choir - Instrumental Music Program 


  • Battle of the Books (Junior/Intermediate)
  • Eco Bears (Eco Team)
  • Peace Team
  • Chess Club
  • Reading Rocks

Before and After School Programs

  • Y.M.C.A. Day Care  (Full Day) 
  • Y.M.C.A. (Before and After School)


Curriculum Focus

We are committed to enabling all students to reach their potential, and to succeed. Our challenge is that every student is unique and each must have opportunities to achieve success according to his or her own interests, abilities, and goals. We have set high expectations and standards for our students, while introducing a range of options that allow students to learn in different ways. We are proud that our students regularly place among our board's best.

Environmental Focus

St. Brigid has been working toward achieving maintaining a Silver Status in our province's Eco School Certification Program. Our Eco Bears works daily to reduce waste, encourage recycling and find new ways to reduce our energy and water consumption.

Parent Community Involvement

St. Brigid Catholic School Council is actively involved in the life of our school. Fundraising and Parent Outreach remain our most important focus.

Community Use of the School

St. Brigid School is regularly used by the community for various sports and community activities.

Class Portals

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St. Brigid Elementary School

St. Brigid Elementary School

Location map73 Miller Drive
Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 5T2
Phone: 905-877-1779 Fax:905-877-1194
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Holy Cross Parish


Anna Prkacin

Vice Principal

Claire Lanois


Mary Emerson


Tim Overholt

Bell Times

8:40 am
3:10 pm
8:40 am



School Council Members

Stephanie Astorino - Parent Rep Co-Chair
Sophie Lauzon-Myre - Parent Rep
Pauline Lamers - Non-Teaching Rep
Noreen Miehm - Parish Rep
Mary Escoto - Parent Rep
Joanne Wilson - Parent Rep
Janine Galloway - Parent Rep
Janet Czarnota - Parent Rep
Donna Owens - Teaching Representative
Claire Lanois - Vice Principal
Anna Prkacin - Principal
Andy Adams - Parent Rep Co-Chair
Andrea Govednik - Parent Rep
Amy Hollohan - Parent Rep

Director of Education

Paula Dawson


​John Mark Rowe


Approximately 635 students

Elementary School

Our Vision

The Halton Catholic District School Board is a model learning community, widely recognized as distinctively Catholic, providing exceptional education, while nurturing the call to love and to serve as a people of faith, living out God's plan.

Our Mission

​The Halton Catholic District School Board, in partnership with home and Church, is dedicated to providing excellence in Catholic education by developing Christ-centred individuals enabled to transform society.

Our Governing Values

At the Halton Catholic District School Board we know that:

  • our school community exists to foster and exemplify Catholic values;
  • the education of our students is a necessary investment in society;
  • education is a lifelong process that fosters the worth of the individual;
  • education is a process involving a partnership of students, home, school, Church and community;
  • the education of everyone toward their fullest potential creates a better future;
  • an effective learning environment fosters in each student a sense of unique value, self-esteem and importance to society;
  • dedicated teachers and staff ensure a positive and caring learning environment enabling students to reach their full potential;
  • the ability to understand, manage and direct change is essential to success; and
  • we are accountable to the community for the effective management of our resources.