Cesar Da Silva, a Transportation Technology teacher at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School was interviewed by Professionally Speaking magazine about his adapted teaching strategies in the time of remote learning. 

Professionally Speaking is published quarterly by the Ontario College of Teachers to inform its members about the activities and decisions of the College. The magazine provides a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the future of teaching and learning, teachers’ professional learning, and standards of practice. 

The interview explored the challenges of adapting to remote learning and offered effective strategies for teaching technology courses online.

Before the pandemic, Cesar Da Silva would teach his Vehicle and Engine Service Repair class with hands-on service and repair demonstrations on physical models in class. Students would then practice in groups at various stations throughout the room, and communicate their learning through review sheets before moving to the next station.

Since the introduction of remote learning, Cesar adapted his teaching to effectively deliver the curriculum to both in-person and remote learners. His theory and workstation demonstrations are now delivered synchronously (in real time) using a laptop camera and web conferencing software.

Cesar modified his welding helmet to add a mount for his cellphone to help him create YouTube tutorials for each workstation in the classroom. The videos are filmed in a first-person point of view and shared online and in class through QR codes for students to watch and learn. With this system, in-person learners are able to follow along a procedure, and remote learners are able to watch a repair virtually as if they are performing the job themselves.

A 360-degree camera has also been used to create a virtual walk-through environment of the transportation technology room for remote learners to navigate the shop, and locate tools, cleanup and safety equipment. 

“Have faith in your own creative ways of adapting new techniques,” said Cesar, when asked what advice he could give to other Technology Teachers.

Thank you, Mr. Da Silva for your commitment to teaching your students in such an innovative and interactive way!

Click here to watch a tutorial from Mr. Da Silva!