Grades 3-8 students from St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School in the Core, Immersion and Extended French programs enjoyed a virtual visit from David Bouchard to discuss the benefits of reading and the importance of culture. 

David Bouchard is a Canadian children’s author and educator who has published over 50 books in French, English and Native languages. Growing up Catholic and unaware of his Indigenous heritage, David researched his family history to find out that he is Métis. This realization kickstarted David’s passion to promote the education of Indigenous peoples.

David spoke about how every student has something special within them, and that they should embrace their God-given talents. He shared that reading is one of the most important tools to find that special talent and recommended to make reading a part of our every day lives.

As this was a French as a Second Language initiative, the interactive presentation was offered en-français. David read one of his books to the students and shared the benefits of being bilingual.

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