February 11, 2021, was ‘Excellent Educators Day’ at 101.3 FM Milton, and three of our HCDSB teachers were featured for making a difference in our school communities!

Doreen Bonsu

Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School

Doreen Bonsu was inspired to start a career in education because of the strong relationships she built with her teachers and the great impact they had on her life growing up. This past year, in light of recent events, Doreen has made it her mission to incorporate culturally responsive pedagogy in her classroom. She engages her students in tough conversations surrounding racial injustice, and encourages them to make connections between current and historical events.

Listen to Doreen’s interview with 101.3 FM here.

Mary Mahler

St. Christopher Catholic Elementary School

Prior to beginning her teaching career in 1992, Mary Mahler always knew she would work with children.

The shining moment in her teaching career thus far was getting Ministry approval for her outdoor Kindergarten classroom, which provides rich, green play-based learning environments for students, all while helping them develop their gross-motor, fine-motor, and sensory experiences.

Listen to Mary’s interview with 101.3 FM here.

Vanessa Szwed

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School

14 years ago, Vanessa Szwed began her teaching career to inspire the same passion she has for lifelong learning in her students. Vanessa uses the words ‘Voice, Choice, Relevancy, and Purpose’ when engaging in authentic learning experiences, and creates long-lasting relationships with her students in doing so.

Listen to Vanessa’s interview with 101.3 FM here.