On March 5, 2021, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School was featured on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper!

Paula Newton, Anchor and Correspondent with CNN, visited St. Francis of Assisi to explore the successes of Canadian schools during the pandemic.

After school hours, Principal Mark Witter, and Kindergarten teacher, Andrea O’Donnell, walked Paula through the hallways and classrooms, displaying all that has been put in place to ensure a safe and healthy school year for all students and staff. 

They showcased handwashing stations, physical distancing signage and arrow floor decals. They also walked Paula through a typical school day, and how our staff and students use their personal protective equipment (PPE).

“Students keep their masks on, they follow the instruction of their teachers, they wash their hands,” said Principal Witter. “It’s been a really enjoyable and heartwarming thing to see that the students themselves have committed to the public health measures as well.”

After a 5-week shift to remote learning implemented by the Ministry of Education following the Christmas break, Andrea was thrilled to be back with her students in February.

“I was really happy when we were allowed to come back. Just to see their faces again, it just brings so much more joy to be with them.”

Watch St. Francis of Assisi’s CNN feature below. 

To learn more about the health and safety protocols in place at the Halton Catholic District School Board, please visit our Return to School website.