Grade 11 students from St. Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School in Ms. Campanelli’s Law class enjoyed a virtual visit from Dr. Woodall and Mr. Clayton from the University of Toronto’s Forensic Science Department. 

Dr. Woodall is a forensic toxicologist at the Centre of Forensic Sciences and teaches Forensic Toxicology and Forensic Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Mr. Murray is a forensic anthropologist and program officer of the university’s Forensic Science program. 

Students learned about the role of forensic anthropology in real-world cases and how science can bring justice to all individuals involved. Dr. Woodall and Mr. Clayton also spoke about the importance of self-awareness, mindfulness, kindness and humility in students’ learning and career journeys.

“I learned about the importance of having extracurricular activities and hobbies that are outside of your career,” said student Masooma Naqvi. “Both Mr. Clayton and Dr. Woodall did not have a background in forensic science before entering the field. Their perspective shows me that your high school and university studies open up pathways for you, but you can always change your career based on interests you develop in the future.”

Students in Ms. Campanelli’s class have enjoyed presentations from a variety of speakers including: Lee Weare, Associate Dean of the School of Public Safety at Sheridan College, Geoffrey Roy, Senior Counsel at the Public Prosecution Service of Canada and Lawrence Hill, an Author and Human Rights Advocate.

The class hopes to welcome additional speakers to learn more about real-world law and the Canadian justice system.