An invitation to those involved in and those who care for Catholic Education in the province of Ontario to pray together.

As we near the end of a very challenging school year, we naturally look back and reflect on the joys and struggles, the successes and the difficulties, and we seek to find meaning in our stories. From the stresses of constant changes to learning environments, to the worry of illness for ourselves and those we love, to the struggle to work from home in ways that make sense and are healthy, to the struggle of going to work in the face of uncertainty, it has been quite a year!

As an education community, we have persevered through so much. We have learned new ways of being and learning, new ways of encountering and accompanying. We have longed for ‘normal’ even as we have been amazed by our capacity for change. In all things, we are more than just a group united in the goal of a system of education, we are a community of joyful disciples understanding ourselves as one body in Christ. The suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus brings meaning to all our experience.

As we prepare to leave this most difficult school year, let us turn with one mind and one heart and one voice to the One who brings meaning to our story by inviting us to enter into his. Let us pray together for nine days in preparation for the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Let us find our sure comfort and rest in the Sacred Heart of Christ’s love for each and every one of us.

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