Last week, HCDSB hosted a Special Education Assistive Technology Showcase Evening to illustrate the benefits of Special Education Assistive Technology in our schools!

The Showcase began with a presentation by keynote speaker Carrie Anton, gold medal Paralympian in Goalball. Carrie explained the challenges of being a legally blind athlete and described her mindset, motivation and tools she uses to overcome those obstacles. 

Carrie emphasized that her journey with technology began when she started school and explained how the features of Assistive Technology devices enhance the daily lives of students.

The Evening also showcased the 2021 Ignite Technology Grant Recipients! Through video submission, students were invited to share their experiences using Assistive Technology equipment and the impact it has had has on their learning. The Grant aims to support student leadership, communication skills and increased self-esteem for students through the use of SEA technology.

2021 Ignite Technology Grant Recipients

Recipient School
KierraBishop Reding Catholic Secondary School
ColtonHoly Rosary Catholic Elementary School (Milton)
STC ClassHoly Rosary Catholic Elementary School (Milton)
EvanHoly Trinity Catholic Secondary School
CodySt. Anne Catholic Elementary School
LilySt. Anne Catholic Elementary School
TristanSt. Bernadette Catholic Elementary School
PaytonSt. Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School
Jack, James, Rita & SawannaSt. Marguerite Catholic Elementary School
JackSt. Peter Catholic Elementary School

Congratulations to all Grant Recipients, and thank you to all Showcase Evening attendees for your commitment to improving Catholic education!

Click here to watch the Showcase.