On June 16, 2021, in collaboration with the HCDSB Indigenous Education team, local Indigenous organization Grandmother’s Voice was named the Grand Prize Winner of the David Suzuki Foundation’s Future Ground Prize!  

The Future Ground Prize is awarded to an individual or group that creates an exemplary project which conserves and protects the natural environment and helps to create a sustainable Canada. 

This year, Grandmother’s Voice won the Future Ground Prize for their project ‘Indigenous Seeds of Hope: Planting our Future,’ a medicine garden located in Milton that serves as a space for Indigenous healing, wellness, culture and education. 

Designed by Grandmother Renee Thomas-Hill of Grandmother’s Voice and Miinikaan Innovation and Design, the garden features a variety of plantings including native tobacco, white prairie sage, sweetgrass, white cedar, berries and more.

The project was selected out of 10 finalists by a panel of judges made up of Indigenous community leaders, media representatives, artists and youth. 

Grandmother’s Voice was awarded $5000 from Desjardins Group, a private virtual meeting with David Suzuki and an invitation to present their project to David at a virtual event this month. 

“This has been our dream for a long time – to help people come together for the purpose of Mother Earth and the food and medicine that sustain us. We created this garden to heal all people, not only Indigenous, to create a better world,” said Grandmother Renee.  

Grandmother’s Voice plans to use the $5000 towards purchasing garden tools, heritage seeds, plants and soaker hoses. The organization also hopes to build a pollinator garden in the near future. 

“Indigenous Seeds of Hope is to remind us of the profound value in knowing plants, saving and sharing seeds. These are acts of love, resistance, and hope for the future,” said HCDSB Indigenous Education Advisor Sherry Saevil.

Congratulations, HCDSB Indigenous Education Team and Grandmother’s Voice, on your incredible accomplishments in creating a healing and sustainable space! 

Click here to watch the Future Ground Prize Awards Celebration.