Last month, Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary School (Milton) Special Education teacher Jessica Fernandes instructed a ‘Power Hour of Learning’ episode on TVOkids!

Jessica’s lesson was focused on digital mindfulness to teach students self-management strategies that promote positivity, inclusivity and kindness.

Students were introduced to a ‘Mindfulness Map’ where they were asked to interact and explain what having a positive outlook looks like. Student answers ranged from staying positive in difficult situations, being grateful for what they have and listening to others’ thought and opinions. 

Jessica says her motivation for teaching about digital mindfulness comes from her experience dealing with a wide range of student needs, recognizing each student needs tools to support their mental health and wellbeing. She says the lesson expanded on the goals of Holy Rosary CES (Milton) ‘s School Improvement Plan (SIP), specifically maintaining student engagement, inclusivity, and equity.

“I jumped at the opportunity because I grew up watching TVO as a kid. Now, as a teacher, I use their lessons to teach my students a variety of concepts in a fun and engaging way,” said Jessica. “As a Special Education Teacher, I have a range of diverse needs in my class and as a result, I differentiate my instruction while including student interests. I have found that TVO has a wide range of lessons/episodes that follow the Ontario Curriculum while keeping it engaging for the students.”

The lesson finished with Jessica reading mindfulness quotes to students for them to use as self-management tools. 

Congratulations, Jessica, for your achievements in promoting digital mindfulness! 

Click here to watch the Digital Mindfulness lesson.