On Friday, November 5th, 2021, students in Mrs. Mahler’s Kindergarten class at St. Christopher Catholic Elementary School visited Mr. Karniej’s Grade 9 Integrated Technologies students at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School to thank them for building a ‘muddy kitchen’ for their outdoor classroom!

The muddy kitchen allows students at St. Christopher to engage in imaginative play to experiment, work together and grow their problem solving and inquiry skills. Using the muddy kitchen, Kindergarten students create bakeries and restaurants, where they create ‘food’ for their customers, or use the kitchen to create ‘potions’ or pots full of nutritious ‘soups’.

“My Kindergarten friends were so impressed with the ‘big kids’ being so kind and taking the time to make them spoons and other things to go with the ‘muddy kitchen’,” said Mrs. Mahler.

“We often talk about our Catholic School Graduate Expectations and taking the child from elementary through to secondary, and today we saw the evidence of those expectations being met; both as a collaborative contributor and a caring family member.”

Thank you to Mr. Karniej’s students for their kindness towards our little learners, and a huge shoutout to all three Kindergarten classes at St. Christopher for demonstrating their thanks and gratitude!