What is an IPRC?

The Identification, Placement and Review Committee, “IPRC” for short, is a committee which determines whether or not a student can be identified as “exceptional”, according to Ministry definitions. 

Categories of exceptionalities include behaviour, communication, intellectual, physical or multiple.

The IPRC meeting can be initiated either by the school or parent, if either party feels that the student could benefit from special education programming.  Parent requests should be made in writing to the Principal of the school.  Schools are required to convene an IPRC in response to parental requests.  The IPRC will decide whether the student is an exceptional pupil and, if so, what type of educational placement is appropriate.  The IPRC process also determines the appropriate classroom placement for the student, based on their strengths and needs which are outlined in the student profile.  On the basis of these discussions, the IPRC can recommend the special education programs and/or services that it considers to be appropriate for the student.

Parents are encouraged to attend all IPRC meetings and the school must make every effort to accommodate the parent’s availability when scheduling the meeting. Parents are encouraged to provide their input into developing the student profile and recommending the appropriate placement for their child as parental input is a very important consideration in the process.  All students identified as exceptional through this process must be provided special education programming to be outlined in an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

The IPRC meets annually and parents must be notified of this meeting with the invitation to attend and while parents have the option to waive the meeting, it is a good opportunity to touch base with your child’s Special Education team. 

Parents have the right to an appeal if they do not agree with the IPRC’s decisions.  More information can be found in the Parent Guide, available at your school office or on the Board website.

Submitted by: Brenda Agnew SEAC Chair and Burlington Trustee