Employee Engagement 



Corporate Report - 2012 Survey Results.pdfCorporate Report - 2012 Survey Results

In May 2012, the Employee Engagement Survey was conducted on our behalf of our Board by Metrics@Work, as part of the cycle of data collection and monitoring to support program planning and evidence informed decision making. Metrics@Work has worked with over 160 Canadian organizations including Ontario School Boards, Colleges and Universities, as well as a variety of municipal level governments across Halton. This has enabled Metrics@Work to provide the Board with benchmark data, which enables us to situate our results in comparison to the Metrics@Work general database of 120 other organizations in Canada, the region of Halton database of 18 municipal level organizations and their Education Sector database of 12 school districts, colleges and universities.

The Employee Engagement Survey focuses on two levels of employee engagement: job engagement and organizational engagement, and more specifically covers topics such as staff development, work environment, leadership, workplace satisfaction, job clarity, workload, teamwork and interdepartmental work environment, faith and work, organizational support for diversity and workplace health and safety. These indicators (or drivers of engagement) have been identified through research as being some of the most significant factors contributing to overall employee engagement. In addition to 18 drivers of engagement, the survey also included measures of workplace behaviours (e.g., harassment and discrimination) and, healthy workplace programs (e.g., work-life balance, healthy eating, physical activity, etc.)

Through a series of email messages, all Board employees were invited to participate in the survey. The survey was available online between May 15 and June 4, 2012. The survey was entirely voluntary and designed to ensure complete anonymity. No one at the Halton Catholic District School Board has access to any individual employee responses. Metrics@Work handled all data entry and data report preparation. Only the aggregated, cleaned, and anonymised data set was returned to the Board.

Eleven hundred and forty-five (1145) employees from the Halton Catholic District School Board completed the 2012 Employee Engagement Survey. This represents a response rate of 39.3%. 

The Halton Catholic District School Board scored 82.9 percent on Job Engagement, compared to the Overall Database Average (71.6%) and the Education Sector Database (77.1%).  Similarly, the Board scored 74.3 percent on Organizational Engagement, compared to the Overall Database Average (66.0%) and the Education Sector Database (65.1%). Note: it is typical for employees to rank higher on Job Engagement than Organizational Engagement.