Listing of all Policies and Procedures

Please find below a full listing of all Policies and Procedures, ordered by type and number.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Board By-Laws

2016 Procedural By-Laws - June 21, 2016


IGovernance of Policy
I-01Catholic School Support
I-02Records and Information Management
I-04Cross Boundary School Attendance
I-06Delegation to the Board
I-07Protection of Privacy
I-09 School Accommodation Review – Consolidation and Closure
I-10Banking, Investment and Borrowing
I-11International Student Admission Requirements (Fee Paying Students)
I-12Emergency Response Plans For Fire, Evacuation, Lockdown, And Bomb Threat Response
I-14Smoking - Vaping Ban
I-15School Name Selection
I-16Records Management Under MFIPPA
I-19Occupational Health and Safety
I-20Integrated Accessibility Standards
I-21Corporate Investment in Education
I-22Admission to Schools Elementary and Secondary
I-23Catholic School Councils and Catholic Parent Involvement Committee
I-24Fraud Management
I-26Student Trustees on the Halton Catholic District School Board
I-28Electronic Meetings
I-29School Boundary Review Process
I-30Video Surveillance
I-31Apparel Purchases and Fair Labour Practices
I-33Classroom Observations by External Third Party Professionals
I-34 (A)Reimbursement of Board Business Expenses for Employees
I-34 (B)Reimbursement of Board Business Expenses for Trustees and External Members of Board Committees
I-35Trustee Honoraria
I-36Trustee Code of Conduct
I-37 Community Planning and Facility Partnerships
I-38School Board trustee Election Guidelines
I-40Performance Appraisal of Director of Education
I-42Out of Province Staff Travel
I-43Use of Technology and Digital Citizenship
I-44Strategic Planning Process
I-45Transparency and Accountability in Executive Compensation


II-02Educational Assistants
II-03Principal Designate in Schools
II-05Reporting Student Achievement To Parents Guardians
II-07The School Day (Daily Sessions) - Elementary and Secondary
II-09Opening and Closing Exercises
II-10Releasing Students from School
II-11Daily Teacher Plans
II-12Management of Agressive Student Behaviours Within Our Schools
II-13Psycho-Education/Psychological Assessment of Individual Students
II-15International Languages Elementary Program
II-17Pastoral Reference
II-18Non-Motorized and Non-Licensed Motorized Transportation Safety
II-19Educational Field Trips
II-20Child Abuse
II-23 Child Care Facilities
II-24Home to School Student Transportation
II-25Selection of Learning and Library Materials
II-26Managing Student Risk in Interschool Sports
II-28Alcohol, Tobacco, Vaping, and Drug Education and Abuse in Schools
II-29Inclusion and Range of Placement Options for Identified Students
II-31Risk Management - First Aid
II-33Safe Arrival at School Program
II-34Participation in Programs and Courses of Study in Catholic Religious Education
II-35Access to School Premises
II-37Volunteers in Catholic Schools
II-38Educational Research
II-39Progressive Discipline & Safety in Schools Code of Conduct - Supensions & Expulsions
II-40Bullying Prevention and Intervention
II-41School Uniform Dress Code - School Dress Code
II-42Medical Health Conditions
II-43Voluntary Confidential Self-Identification of First Nation Metis and Inuit Students
II-44Student Mental Health and Well-Being
II-45Equity and Inclusive Education
II-46Assessment and Evaluation
II-47Fees for Learning Materials Programs and Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
II-48Violent Threat Risk Assessment
II-49English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Literacy Development (ELD) Programs and Services
II-50Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for Day School Students
II-51Optional French Programming (Early French Immersion and Extended French)
II-52Student Use of Service Animals in Schools
II-53Exemption from Instruction in the Family Life Program Fully Alive Related to the Human Development and Sexual Health Expectations in the Ontario Curriculum Health and Physical Education, Grades 1-8, 2019


III-01Grievance Procedures - Non-Unionized Group Members
III-03Teacher Performance Appraisal
III-04Employee Assistance Program
III-05Employee Assault
III-10Criminal Reference Check Applicants for Employment
III-11Hiring and Promotion Policy, Academic and Non-Academic Personnel
III-12Academic Promotion
III-13Corporate Purchasing Card Distribution and Usage
III-14Employee Code of Conduct
III-15Workplace Violence
III-16Workplace Discrimination and Harassment
III-17Attendance Support Program

Facility & Maintenance

IV-02Outdoor Facility Enhancements, Maintenance and Security
IV-04Loss or Damage to Personal Items
IV-06School Sites and Facilities Criteria
IV-07Alternative Arrangements for School Facilities
IV-08School Sites and Operating Budget

Public Relations

V-01Use of School Grounds and Community Use of School Facilities
V-03Photography, Advertising and Sales Representatives
V-04School Fundraising Activities
V-05School Accidents - Prevention and Safety
V-07Donations Bequests to a School or to the Board
V-08School Anniversary Celebrations
V-09Public Concerns/Complaints Process
V-12Blessing and Official Opening of a New School
V-13Blessing and Rededication of a Major Addition to a School
V-14Alcohol at Board School Sanctioned Events - Off Premises
V-15Environmental Stewardship
V-16Copyright, Visual Identity, and Intellectual Property Protection
V-17Request for Promotion and Distribution of Program Activity Related Materials Through Board Schools
V-18Community Engagement and Public Consultation Policy


VI-04Complaints Resolution Process - Workplace Discrimination Harassment Violence
VI-05Secondary School Cafeteria Commissions
VI-06Charitable Receipts
VI-07Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles Driven by other Students
VI-07(a)School Bus Accident Procedure
VI-08School Security
VI-09 (A)Religious Education Course Reimbursement
VI-09 (B)Religious Education Masters Reimbursement
VI-13Pediculosis (Head Lice) Management
VI-14Transportation of Students in Private Vehicles Driven by Volunteer Drivers
VI-15Student Trustees
VI-16Student Retreat Funds
VI-17International Student Admission Requirements (Non-Resident)
VI-18Safe Arrival at School Program
VI-19Admission to Schools Elementary and Secondary
VI-20Emergency Response Plans for Fire, Evacuation, Lockdown, and Bomb Threat
VI-21OSBIE Online Incident Reporting
VI-22Break-in Damage and Theft
VI-24Fraud Management
VI-25Educational Research
VI-26Cheque Requisition
VI-28Selection and Appointment of Positions of Academic Administrative Responsibilities
VI-29 Supervised Alternative Learning
VI-30Access to School Premises
VI-31Trust Funds
VI-32Child Abuse and Protection of Students
VI-33Redistribution and Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment
VI-34Fencing at Board Sites
VI-35School Accommodation Review - Consolidation - Closure
VI-36Police Record Check - Goods and Services Providers
VI-37Issuing and De-Commissioning of Forms
VI-39Inclement Weather Safety
VI-40Request for Promotion and Distribution of Program -Activity Related Materials Through Board School
VI-41School Visits by Union Presidents
VI-42School Staff Meetings
VI-43Home Instruction
VI-44Progressive Discipline and Safety in Schools
VI-45Mobile Cellular Device Operating Procedure
VI-46(a)Use of Assistive Devices by the General Public
VI-46(b)Use of Service Animals by the General Public
VI-46(c)Use of Support Person by the General Public
VI-46(d)Accessibility Standards - Notification of Disruption of Service
VI-46(e)Monitoring and Feedback on Accessible Customer Service
VI-47Inclement Weather - Transportation Cancellations and Emergency School Closures
VI-48Protocol With External Agencies For The Provision Of Services By Regulated Health Professionals, Social Service Professionals, And Paraprofessionals (PPM 149)
VI-49Use of School Facilities Election Day
VI-50Technological Education Service
VI-51Privacy Breach Procedure
VI-52After Hours School Paid Camp Activities
VI-53Optional French Programming
VI-54Equity and Inclusive Education
VI-55Assessment and Evaluation - Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
VI-56Assessment and Evaluation - Late and Missed Assignments
VI-57Fees for Learning Materials, Program, Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities
VI-58Parent Notification System
VI-59School Fundraising Activities
VI-60Student Groups in Catholic Schools
VI-61Recognition and Acknowledgement of Dignitaries, Board Officials at Board and School Events
VI-62Use of Technology and Digital Citizenship
VI-63Social Media
VI-64Community Use of School Facilities
VI-67Epilepsy - Seizure Disorder
VI-68Medications - Oral (Prescriptions, Non-Prescription)
VI-69Heart Conditions
VI-70Educational Field Trips
VI-71Concussion Protocol
VI-72Election Compliance Audit Committee
VI-73Meal Expenses for Employees at Board Sanctioned Events
VI-74Risk Management - First Aid
VI-76Attendance Support Program
VI-77Procedure for ESL Student Reception, Orientation, Placement and Programming
VI-78Community Planning and Facilities Partnerships
VI-79Indoor Air Quality Investigation Process
VI-80Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) For Day School Students
VI-81Privacy Procedure
VI-82Records and Information Management Procedure
VI-83 Video Surveillance Procedure
VI-84Catholic School Councils and Catholic Parent Involvement Committee
VI-85Corporate Investment in Education
VI-86Corporate Purchasing Card Distribution and Usage
VI-87Playground Installations
VI-88School Boundary Review Process
VI-89Psycho-Educational - Psychological Assessment of Individual Students
VI-90Reimbursement of Board Business Expenses for Employees
VI-91Banking, Investment and Borrowing
VI-92Roof Access Procedures
VI-94International Student Program - Agents of Fee Paying Students
VI-95Procedure for Receiving Information from Regulated Health Professionals, Social Service Professionals, and Paraprofessionals – External Providers
VI-97Student Use of Service Animals in Schools