Objectives of the School Year Calendar Committee

Establishing a School Year Calendar for the School Year

In January each year, the Halton Catholic District School Board establishes a committee to develop the following year’s school calendar. This involves determining dates for Professional Activity Days (P.A. Days), Secondary Examination Days and Ministry/Board designated holidays.

The committee gathers input from parents/school councils, staff, our coterminous and neighbouring district school boards in preparation to recommend a calendar of dates to our Board of Trustees.

Governing the committee’s discussion is the provincial legislation related to school year calendars (Regulation 304) School Year Calendar, Professional Activity Days.

The following outlines the requirements for preparation and submission of the school year calendar to the Ministry of Education:

  • The school year must take place between September 1st and June 30th.
  • There are 196 possible school days between September 1 and June 30. The school year shall include a minimum of 194 schools days of which three days must be designated as professional activity (P.A.) for teachers that must be devoted to specific provincial education priorities. Boards may designate up to four additional days as P.A. days.
  • The remaining school days shall be instructional days. A board may designate up to ten instructional days as examination days for secondary schools.
  • The Board of Trustees must approve the calendar before submitting to the Ministry of Education for final approval.
  • The date of the professional activity days and examination days are at the discretion of each school board.

Other Factors the Committee Considers

In addition to the legislation, the committee also considers the school year calendar of the Halton District School Board in order to integrate student transportation services as best possible. Other considerations include the balancing of instructional days for the two semesters in our secondary schools, and optimizing the effectiveness of staff learning on our professional activity days.​​