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The Leadership Journey

Leadership Strategy

The Halton Catholic District School Board Leadership Strategy has been developed to foster leadership of the highest possible quality in our schools and school board. The Halton Catholic District School Board’s Leadership Journey is a comprehensive program designed to support student achievement and well-being by developing passionate and skilled leaders in our schools and board.

We know that school leaders have a profound impact on student achievement, second only to teachers. Likewise, system leaders have a crucial role to play in creating successful schools. While research shows that the Principal is second only to the teacher in improving student achievement, it also shows that it is leadership distributed across a system that has the greatest potential to impact student learning. Hence, the Halton Catholic District School Board Leadership Strategy, implemented through the Leadership Journey program, is designed to offer all employees an opportunity to consider leadership potential and to build on leadership capacity.

The Ontario Leadership Framework

“As an educational leader, you are contributing to one of the most exciting – and challenging periods in the history of Ontario’s education system. The targets being set and achieved in Ontario have put our education system on a world stage as a centre of excellence. At the same time, effective leadership has emerged as one of the critical foundations needed to sustain and enhance system-wide improvement.

What is leadership? What does effective leadership look like? What role does leadership play in the education setting? And most importantly, in the midst of day-to-day pressures, how can leadership skills help us to do more with less, streamline and focus our efforts, and achieve our practical goals and targets?

The Ministry made a commitment to a number of initiatives intended to develop, support and sustain the highest quality leadership possible in schools and boards across the province. To ensure a consistent and effective approach to implementing these initiatives, Ontario’s Leadership Framework was developed.”

The Ontario Leadership Framework is an outline of the practices and competencies for individuals (supervisory officers, Principals and Vice Principals) and system practices and procedures for districts. Catholic School Boards have adopted a Catholic Leadership Framework that charts the necessary components of Catholic leadership.

The Catholic Leadership Framework is designed to:

  • Inspire a shared vision of Catholic leadership in Catholic schools and boards
  • Promote a common language that fosters an understanding of Catholic leadership and what it means to be a Catholic school and system leader
  • Identify the practices and competencies that describe effective Catholic leadership
  • Guide the design and implementation of professional learning and development for Catholic schools and system leaders.

Adapted from “Putting Ontario’s Leadership Framework Into Action
The Institute of Education Leadership, August

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