Portfolios for Catholic Leadership 


Those persons interested in leadership within the Halton Catholic District School Board will use portfolios to map out their own professional development, leadership, readiness and ability to make a difference within their school and the system.

Investing in a Portfolio

The leadership portfolio will be used to reflect on, assess and evaluate one’s professional practice while mapping out next steps on a continuum of leadership development. The portfolio will provide authentic documentation of professional endeavors and ongoing professional learning. The leadership portfolio, based on the key capacities of the Halton Catholic District School Board’s Catholic Leadership Profile and self-assessment tool, will provide a structure for individuals to self-assess in the process of one’s development of these core capacities of the Catholic leader. It is the next step in self-assessing one’s practice, reflecting upon and interpreting one’s experience and planning next steps in leadership development. In addition, the leadership portfolio will offer individuals an opportunity to display selected artifacts indicative of their leadership journey which will serve as a useful tool when discussing career planning with a mentor or supervisor.

The Halton Catholic District School Board’s Leadership Portfolio is divided into the key competencies of the Profile of a Catholic Leader:

  • Catholic Faith, Community and Culture
  • Setting Directions
  • Building Relationships and Developing People
  • Developing the Organization
  • Leading the Instructional Program
  • Securing Accountability

Halton Catholic District School Board Leadership Portfolio’s Training Sessions

We are pleased to offer training sessions for individuals wishing to develop a portfolio. Participants in this program will receive a portfolio binder and information on the steps to creating an electronic portfolio.

Please see the Leadership Journey Program Guide for registration information, dates, times and locations.

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