Profile for Effective Catholic Leadership

Profile for Effective Catholic Leadership

The Halton Catholic District School Board has created a Profile of an Effective Catholic Leader. This profile was created from the Catholic Leadership Framework and the Halton Catholic District School Board’s Mission and Vision statements. It serves as a summary of the key competencies and skills necessary for effective Catholic Leadership within the Halton Catholic District School Board.

Catholic Faith, Community, and Culture The leader demonstrates a strong, active personal faith and is knowledgeable of church teachings and faith traditions. The leader nurtures Catholic faith, community and culture, and models a commitment to Gospel values and to the promotion of a Catholic school culture.
Setting Directions The leader builds a shared vision for a model-learning community that is distinctively Catholic, provides exceptional education and nurtures the call to love and serve as a people of faith. The leader models and encourages a commitment to life-long learning and an openness to new ideas. The leader helps establish and foster a culture of continuous improvement, the acceptance of group goals, and communicates and monitors high performance expectations. The leader demonstrates a belief that all students are created in the image of God, and that all students can learn.
Building Relationships and Developing People The leader acts with openness and integrity and strives to foster trusting and collaborative relationships with all staff, parents and all members of the broader school community. Guided by Gospel values, the leader demonstrates a commitment to effective and respectful working relationships and teamwork with students, families, and communities.
Developing the Organization The leader demonstrates an acceptance of responsibility for school climate and student outcomes, and works to establish a culture of shared responsibility that empowers all staff to effectively contribute to a positive school climate supporting high levels of success for all students. The leader has a transformation style of leadership which reflects Catholic discipleship, personal and professional integrity and a commitment to serving the needs of others.
Leading the Instructional Program The leader is committed to ensuring success for each student, celebrating the inherent dignity of each human being, fostering a culture of inclusion while responding to the diverse learning needs of each student. The leader is knowledgeable and effective in supporting school improvement planning processes. The leader accepts responsibility for upholding human rights and sustaining a safe, secure and healthy school environment.
Securing Accountability The leader is committed to the success of the Catholic student, accepts personal responsibility and nurtures a culture of individual, team, and whole school accountability for student outcomes.


Catholic Leadership Self-Assessment Tool

The Catholic Leadership Self-Assessment Tool provides an opportunity for individuals to plan and seek out learning opportunities suited to their level of leadership development in order to develop leadership skills. The Self-Assesment Tool will provide potential leaders and those serving in leadership positions a means to evaluate their leadership skills on a continuum of development. The Catholic Leadership Self-Assessment Tool provides an opportunity for individuals to plan and seek out learning opportunities suited to their level of leadership development.

Printable Catholic Leadership Self-Assessment Tool

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