Tutors in the Classroom

What is the Tutors in the Classroom program?

The Tutors in the Classroom program provides an opportunity for Ontario college or university students to discover what it is like to work in a school setting. The program is intended to assist students in Halton Catholic elementary schools, in Grade 1 to Grade 6, to improve their math, science, technology and literacy skills. The program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Who can be a Tutor?

Anyone currently enrolled and attending an Ontario college or university. Preference is given to students in mathematics, science, applied science or technology programs, or students who demonstrate a great aptitude within one of these areas.

What qualifications are needed?

Tutors must possess the following skills and attributes:

  • experience and/or interest in working with children
  • willingness to work with students with different capabilities
  • ability to incorporate real life experiences when helping students learn
  • creative use of models, pictures and graphs to support student learning
  • knowledge of computer software and the internet
  • some familiarity with computer instruction
  • ability to work with students with different cultural and language backgrounds

What do the Tutors do?

Tutors work with students, either one-on-one, or in small group settings, to:

  • assist students to strengthen their skills in literacy, math, and technology;
  • use technology to enhance and support literacy and numeracy skills; 
  • help students understand their teacher's instructions and answer questions; 
  • support the development of literacy and numeracy skills

Application Process

Applications to become a tutor in this program are accepted on an annual basis.