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Theological Theme

We are pleased to announce that the Halton Catholic District School Board's Theological Theme, "Do You Love Me?" (John 21:15-17) was launched in October, 2017.

Following the transformative question asked in the previous theme, "Who Do You Say That I Am?", the new theme calls us to enter into the fullness of a deeper understanding and relationship with the Lord, asking, "Do You Love Me?"

This Focus on Faith Theme is derived from Scripture, informed by the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and is inspired by John 21:15-17, in which Jesus repeatedly asks his beloved disciple Peter, "Do you love Me?"

Every 4 years, since 2007, a new Theological Theme is introduced to lead our Catholic learning environments, staff, curriculum, and faith community.

The theme will be implemented throughout our Board's curriculum, and in our liturgical celebrations over the next four years.

An Image to Support Our Focus on Faith Theological Theme was created

The artwork showcased below, was created by Doreen, a grade 12 student from St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School during the 2016-2017 school year. The image portrays a stained glass window with a tree symbolizing our Christian community. The branches turn into hands holding hearts, as we are the hands of God. The symbols within the hearts refer to the multitude of ways in which we can serve others. The cross at the top of the tree with hands folded in prayer reminds us to keep our faith strong through prayer.

A Board Prayer to Support Our Theological Theme

The following prayer was written by staff in support of the new Theological Theme, Do You Love Me? :

Jesus, our Saviour and Friend,
You have shown us so much love.
You are gentle with us, You heal us, You died on the Cross for us.
Now You ask us, "Do you love Me?"
As we come to know You better, and see all that You have done for us,
May our hearts be filled with love for You.
Make us eager to always do what You ask of us,
And to see Your face and love You in everyone else we meet,
Especially those we may find it hard to love.
It is Your love which turns our lives around.
By trying to love as You have loved us, we become more and more like You.
Guide us always on our way,
Show us each day how to love You more.
Spirit of the living God, fill our hearts!