Our Kids Network


Our Kids Network promotes healthy development, security and safety of all children, youth and families through neighbourhood collaboration, service integration and measuring results.

Our Kids Network is a Halton-wide partnership of organizations and agencies serving children and youth.

Guided by research, the network provides leadership and a platform for planning, integrating and aligning services and supports so all children thrive. The work of Our Kids Network is focused on child development from birth to 18 years and is planned on evidence-based, strategic directions. Sector leaders from education, government, health, mental health and special needs, police services and the multicultural community provide direction and planning. Participating community agencies develop and implement initiatives and programs at the neighbourhood level.

The Our Kids Network in Halton is comprised of a multidisciplinary coalition representing various professions, organizations and the community who are working together for the well being of children in Halton. The organizations and leaders who form the foundation of the Network include:

The Our Kids Network represents Halton's commitment to the healthy development and well being of all children in our community from prenatal to adolescence (0 - 18 years of age). Several themes, grounded in research, steer our work towards ensuring “all children thrive”.

Early child development affects health, well being and competence throughout life. A child’s earliest experiences shape the physical development of the brain and the child’s capacity for further development. When children are developmentally ready to enter Grade 1 the results are staggering: they do better throughout their school life, have better self esteem and have fewer behaviour problems.

When children and youth feel positively connected to their community environment (whether school, home or neighbourhood) and have a strong sense of belonging, they are more likely to achieve academically, have better self esteem and are less likely to become involved in risky behaviour.

For more information, please visit the Our Kids Network website.

Halton iparent

Halton iparent is an online information resource, providing parents and caregivers with over 130 Halton support services and programs. Parents and caregivers now have the opportunity to access up-to-date information on the resources and services offered in Halton through this online database, which will serve as a replacement to the Halton Parenting Directory.

For more information on Halton iparent, and to learn more about the services and programs available, please view the
Halton iparent media release.

Halton Parenting Directory for Newcomer Families

Our Kids Network produced "A New Kind of Parenting" booklets to help newcomer families better understand and support their teenagers. The OKN booklet has been translated into five languages: Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Punjabi, Spanish, and is also available in the English language.

The booklets include the stages of adolescent development, as well as provide information on how parents can nurture and maintain positive relationships with their teens during these growing stages of development.