Collective Values Guiding Our Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee 


  • Assume good intentions, and listen carefully to the words, and feelings of others 
  • Demonstrate kindness, and dignity in situations where there are differing options, and alternate positions 
  • Avoid taking things personally 
  • Search for answers, so as not to assign blame for problems


  • Take risks - learn from what doesn’t work
  • Take ownership for outcomes
  • Stand for the highest order of values, and practices


  • Communicate with openness, clarity, and avoid pettiness
  • Use works carefully 
  • See oneself as transparent, without a hidden agenda or ​seeking control of others


  • Use intuition, not just one’s mental abilities
  • Let decisions be made from the heart
  • Come forward to express opinions from a position of love, not fear


  • Understand that the whole is greater than the parts
  • Reflect inner peace knowing that the Creator guides us, and holds all power
  • Keep an open mind, and heart


  • Use discernment, not judgment
  • Trust the process, even if you don’t always agree with the decisions
  • See wisdom in all ways, faith, and traditions, and to commit to being a seeker
  • Understand, and appreciate that we are the voices for the children and youth, and their needs


  • Keep agreements, and to walk knowing we are guided by the Spirits, the Ancestors, and the Great Mystery
    in all that we do and say