Music Runs in the Family for this Talented Duo!
Canadian Martyrs Elementary and Notre Dame Secondary School graduate, Giancarlo Nicassio, shares a passion for music with his nephew, Myles Erlick, a former Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School student.
​Gianni and Myles performing "Blackbird" in Central Park, New York.
On January 23, 2012, Giancarlo Nicassio (Gianni Luminati), a graduate of both Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School and Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity when he performed with his band, Walk Off The Earth, on the immensely popular Ellen Show.
Gianni's band, Walk Off The Earth, quickly gained popularity on YouTube when the group of musicians posted a video covering Goyte's, Somebody That I Used To Know, where all five members sing and use the same guitar. The video has gone viral, reaching nearly 39 million views worldwide.
Gianni's musical gift was nurtured early on by his proud mother Annette Nicassio, Music Teacher at Assumption Catholic Secondary School in Burlington. "He has had a passion with musical sound since I can remember. I hope my love for music has rubbed off on him." Annette says, "He has devoted the past ten years of his life to developing his skills and talent by listening, writing, editing and producing music." 
The musical talent continues in the family, with Gianni's nephew, Myles Erlick, a former Canadian Martyrs Catholic School student. Myles starred as "Billy" in the Broadway musical, Billy Elliot, where he performed in Chicago, Toronto and New York. Myles has also acted on the T.V. series Flashpoint and in the blockbuster movie The Hulk
In September, 2011, Gianni and Myles shot a music video in Central Park, New York. The duo played guitar while singing Paul McCartney’s “Blackbird”. Gianni also recorded Myles singing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, where Myles does guitar, piano and vocals.
"Through hard work, training and dedication," says Annette, "my son and grandson have put themselves in the spotlight. My message to both of them would be, I’m so proud of you, Giancarlo and Myles. May God, our loving Father guide and bless you both always." Annette continues, "Try to use your music to bring more goodness into our world."


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