Jesus' Passion Inspires Students At Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School
Students learn the power of 'hope' through Jesus Christ.

​The Grade 6 students at Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School in Oakville were recently given the opportunity to explore the Stations of the Cross and the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ from differing points of view.

The students carefully looked at each station and discussed what others may have thought or felt while Jesus was being persecuted. They were encouraged to write about any point in Jesus' path and about anyone or anything that moved them. 

Alysha Church, Grade 6 student, was deeply inspired by the rising of Jesus from the dead. Through this inspiration she wrote a beautiful poem highlighting the perspective of hope and its power in coping with death. She also thought about how hope can help people during times of need and how it is a sign that Jesus is physically dead, but not gone in our hearts and souls.  

HOPE - Written by Alysha Church
I help those who feel like they’re left in a blur,
And give them some kind of mental cure.
I give them a chance for growth or change,
And bring them a feeling that was once not strange.
I give them faith, happiness and joy,
And leave a smile on each girl and boy.
One day a man called upon me and started with a sigh,
He prayed for his people for soon he must die.
Once I heard his kind words I could do him no harm,
And saw his loved ones filled with alarm.
There is no sign in his face to show he has failed,
He just carries his cross to where he’ll be nailed.
On that very sad day I helped all cope,
By giving them the wonderful gift of...



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