Blessing of Daffodil Bulbs: A Sign of New Beginnings!

On Thursday, September 21st, St. John Catholic Elementary School in Oakville took part in an opening school Mass, where students and staff officially welcomed the beginning of a new school year. The Mass also represents looking ahead in joyful hope to the changes that the St. John Catholic School Community will experience as they move towards joining new school communities in September, 2018.

Read the following excerpt, written by Brian Melanson, School Principal at St. John Catholic Elementary School:

Change is a part of life. Like the start of this school year, we all had to adjust to changes: to the end of summer; change to our routines (getting up early); greeting new friends; meeting our new teachers. Often, change is hard. But as we grow and learn, we must learn to accept change as a part of life. All of us at St. John Catholic School will face change next year, and we will ensure that we will face our changes positively.

To represent our hopes and positivity for the upcoming changes, staff wanted to symbolize our “new beginnings” in a tangible way. Our school has purchased daffodil bulbs to plant in the fall, in anticipation of growth in the spring.

The daffodil is a symbol of rebirth, of new beginnings. The perfect symbol for all of us at St. John as we face change with hope. We have purchased 150 bulbs, which allows us to grow one bulb per student. We will be planting the majority of them at St. Michael Catholic Elementary School, and then some at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School as a symbol of the upcoming growth to those communities, as we transition next year. When the bulbs bloom, our new school communities will know that we are ready to bloom and will be joining them soon.

Thank you to Father Jason for blessing our daffodil bulbs, and to our students and staff at our opening school Mass, for joining us as we collectively look towards new and exciting beginnings!



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