Student Success: Project Crankenstein

Transportation Technology students at Bishop P.F. Reding Catholic Secondary School worked on an innovative learning tool during the month of November with Mr. Da Silva. The learning tool involved a 2001 Mazda Tribute SUV.

Students in the auto shop removed the engine, suspension, brakes and transmission out of the SUV, mounted it on a dolly and powered it up electrically. It functions as a teaching tool so that students can learn about the four-stroke cycle, power and energy transfer, hydraulics, and so much more.

The display in the auto shop at the school can also be used in conjunction with other course curriculum (i.e.: related to specific course units in math, science, and physics).

There's always so many fun ways to learn in auto shop class! Thank you to Mr. Da Silva and the Transportation Technology students for sharing this unique and innovative learning tool. ​​​​Check out the video of Project Crankenstein here.


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