Holy Trinity Grad Travels Across Canada with Relic of St. Francis Xavier

Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School graduate from 2016, D’Arcy Murphy, is currently on a pilgrimage tour travelling across Canada with a relic of St. Francis Xavier.

The relic is a forearm of St. Francis Xavier, which is 465 years old. The relic rarely tours, as it has a permanent place at the main Jesuit church in Rome. 

D'Arcy has accompanied the relic as a missionary with Catholic Christian Outreach, a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. He is currently a University of Ottawa student, but has taken a semester off to accompany the relic.

D'arcy has embarked on this 14-city tour on January 3 through February 2, 2018, visiting destinations across Canada. 

To learn more about D'Arcy Murphy's current role as the "Guardian" for the arm of St. Francis Xavier, visit:  Travels with St. Francis Xavier: Reflections from the “arm guard”​

For more information, please visit: https://cco.ca/relic/

We are so proud of D'Arcy's accomplishments, and wish him all the best in his continued travels and postsecondary journey! ​


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