A Thanksgiving Message from the Director of Education
A time to express gratitude for the many blessings in our lives!
For most of us, Thanksgiving is a festive holiday, rich with family traditions. A day that allows us to relax in the midst of our busy lives, and celebrate in the company of family and friends. But as the name of the holiday implies, Thanksgiving is also a time to express gratitude.

For members of a faith community, it’s an opportunity to thank God for the many blessings that He has showered upon us: the gifts of nature, the gifts of love and family, the gifts of a bountiful harvest. And as members of a Catholic school community, we are reminded of how very blessed we are with the extraordinary gift of Catholic education.

I am grateful to be a part of such a vibrant community of staff, families, parishes and educational partners, all working towards the same goal - the success of the more than 36,000 students who attend our HCDSB schools. Together we are helping our students discover, develop and achieve their God-given potential. There are few gifts in this life that are more precious. 

Wishing everyone in our HCDSB community a very happy Thanksgiving. May you continue to enjoy and feel gratitude for God’s blessings.

Pat Daly
Director of Education


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