An Easter Message from the Director of Education

We began Holy Week with news of the devastating fire at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris. While some media outlets have described the cathedral as a historic icon and tourist attraction, for Catholics, it represents much more. Notre-Dame de Paris has been a place of pilgrimage and worship where Catholics have gathered over a span of eight centuries to pray and celebrate our faith. The fact that this fire broke out during Holy Week does not escape our notice. The symbolism is too obvious to overlook.

The world watched in disbelief on Monday as images began to appear on social media of the 850 year-old cathedral, engulfed in flames. What captured almost as much interest as the blaze, were the poignant images and footage of the community that gathered to watch the cathedral burning; huddled together, singing the Avé Maria - shattered, but hopeful.

On Tuesday, the Pope’s Twitter account posted the following message:  “Today we unite in prayer with the people of France, as we wait for the sorrow inflicted by the serious damage to be transformed into hope with reconstruction…”.

Even in the darkest hour, hope remains. And so, is the message of Easter. From devastation to reconstruction. From death to resurrection.

As we near the end of our Lenten journey, we can look forward with hope and joy to the season of Easter -  the greatest celebration of our faith. We turn from looking within, to looking at those around us, and where we see darkness, pain and suffering in our world, we bring the hope and joy of Easter.

As Catholics, we define ourselves as a community of hope, and we are called to share the Good News that Christ is risen. As a Catholic school system, it is our mission to ensure that our students experience our schools as communities of hope, grounded in the Good News that is shared daily through our work in both word and deed. I  have witnessed this in our schools time and again not only during this Holy Week but throughout the school year. 

We are truly blessed as a school district for all the staff, students, parents, and members of our community who bring so much hope and joy to our schools and workplaces on a daily basis.

I wish you a wonderful Easter celebration, filled with hope and joy.


t Daly 
Director of Education


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