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Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Board Students Outperform Province on Grade 9 EQAO 2010 Math Assessments

The Halton Catholic District School Board released today its Board and individual secondary school results of the 2010 Grade 9 Mathematics assessment conducted by the provincial Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO). The assessment was conducted in each semester of the last school year (2009-2010). A total of 2,393 Grade 9 students of the Board’s eight secondary schools at the time were eligible to participate. 1,817 students completed the Academic assessment and 577 students participated in the Applied testing.

Two versions of the test were administered – one for students in the Grade 9 Applied Mathematics program and the other for students in the Grade 9 Academic Mathematics Program. Each version was based on the Grade 9 expectations for students in The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10 Mathematics, which sets Level 3 as the provincial standard. Level 1 and above is equivalent to a passable grade, with Level 3 described as equivalent to a score of 70-79%.

“Our Board is very encouraged by our Academic Mathematics program results, which demonstrate that 86% of our students are achieving at or above Level 3 – a 3% increase from last year,” explains Director of Education, Michael W. Pautler. “This year, the Applied Mathematics program results show that 48% of our students are achieving at or above Level 3, maintaining the results from 2009-2010. The analysis of this data will provide the opportunity for staff to review, reaffirm and revise our initiatives to respond to the specific learning needs of our students. Our Board and school improvement plans will continue to focus on the area of Applied Mathematics to improve learning for these students.”

“Our dedicated staff work diligently to ensure that student needs are met and our students are to be congratulated on their significant achievement. As well, the collaborative relationship between the parent communities and our schools is an important influence that is also reflected in the overall results,” says Jacqueline Herman, Superintendent of Education, School Effectiveness.

Christ the King Catholic Secondary School, Georgetown, is one of 27 schools, which are being profiled this year by EQAO. The schools are notable for their demonstration of leadership, proactive initiatives, data-driven strategies and whole-school approaches to helping every child succeed. These are schools that have adopted an action plan based on their unique circumstances and that work toward improved student outcomes.

Some of the Mathematics improvement strategies have included:
  • The use of a coaching model. Secondary itinerant teachers provided support to teachers of Grade 9 Mathematics that focused on meeting the needs of students through differentiated instruction, appropriate questioning and effective use of manipulatives and technology;
  • There continued to be an increase in opportunities for students to communicate their understanding of Mathematics concepts through Math Talk Learning Communities in their classrooms;
  • SMART Board training and increased effective use of SMART resources continued to be supported, which created an increase in student engagement;
  • The analysis of EQAO Item Information Reports. Principals and Curriculum Services staff received in-service on the use of EQAO data in order to engage school improvement teams in conversation regarding the needs of the school and the required strategies for improvement;
  • The provincial Homework Help Initiative was extended to Grade 7-10 students in our Board. Many Grade 9 students took advantage of this opportunity;
  • Afterschool numeracy support was provided in all secondary schools; and
  • The use of diagnostics assessments to determine the learning needs of individual students.

The overall results for the Halton Catholic District School Board and individual schools are outlined in the chart included at the end of this release. The individual school results are listed alphabetically. The assessments were graded on a four level system, with one being the lowest and four the highest. The Ministry has defined Level 3 as the provincial standard.

As advised by EQAO, it is inappropriate and misleading to rank schools or to make individual school comparisons without taking into account a variety of contextual factors.
Halton Catholic District School Board
EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics Overall Achievement Results
Spring 2010
Academic Applied
Achievement Level Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Province 5% 14% 72% 10% 14% 35% 34% 7%
Halton Catholic DSB 4% 11% 76% 10% 10% 38% 40% 8%
Assumption  6% 20% 67% 5% 2% 30% 45% 18%
Bishop Reding  2% 9% 77% 12% 19% 28% 39% 9%
Christ the King  1% 10% 79% 9% 7% 42% 39% 11%
Corpus Christi  3% 9% 75% 12% 8% 48% 37% 4%
Holy Trinity  4% 9% 78% 9% 12% 41% 38% 6%
Notre Dame  5% 12% 74% 9% 12% 41% 40% 4%
St Ignatius of Loyola 5% 9% 74% 12% 2% 41% 46% 9%
St Thomas Aquinas  2% 9% 77% 12% 19% 30% 41% 0%
Percentages may not add up to 100% due to  students  Source: EQAO
who were Exempt or had No Data. Downloaded September 14, 2010



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