Fridays for Future Milton Making Mighty Changes in the Community!

On March 3, Fridays for Future Milton (FFFM), a group of Grade 7 climate activists from Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School​, invited Nicole Watt from Halton Waste Management to educate students on proper waste removal.

Nicole spoke to the school about the effects of waste in our climate, and what happens to garbage in the blue bin, black bin and green bin after it has been disposed. She also explained best practices to reduce, reuse and recycle. 

After her talk, the FFFM group were inspired to start a ‘waste-free lunch’ initiative to reduce the school’s ecological footprint, and work towards becoming Stewards of the Earth! 

Thank you to the Fridays for Future Milton group for your amazing work in the community!

To see what else Fridays for Future Milton members are doing for the climate, follow their efforts on Instagram @FridaysForFutureMilton and Twitter @FriForFutMilton. ​


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