Two HCDSB Nominees Recognized as Community Champions

Each year, Halton Families for Families rewards a school, individual or group that demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the success and mental well-being of children. The Community Champion Awards recognize school efforts in creating and fostering an environment that ensures the positive outcome of students.

Award Nominees are to have shown:

  • Outstanding commitment to engaging, supporting and working with families to ensure the success of children/youth
  • To be of tremendous benefit in the lives of the children/youth and the families by inspiring, motivating, encouraging and positively impacting mental health for the children/youth
  • To utilize tools, strategies or programs while working collaboratively with students and families


This year, the Community Champion Award was given to HCDSB individual and group nominees in both the elementary and secondary category.

2017/2018 Community Champion Winners

Sonya Comacchio, Life Skills TeacherChrist the King Catholic Secondary

St. Mark Catholic Elementary (Burlington) - Ms. Morrissey, Ms. Durham, Ms. Back, Ms. Grodzinski, Ms. Rank, Ms. Golini, Mrs. Rankin, Mr. Joe 

Congratulations to all 2017/18 Community Champion Winners for your dedication to the well-being of our students.


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