HCDSB Schools Filling Tummies With Fresh and Scrumptious Salad Bar Program
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Salad Bar Lunch Programs are an innovative way HCDSB schools are ensuring students' tummies are filled with a fresh and nutritious meal every day.

The program, which spearheaded at St. Dominic, encourages students to discover healthy foods they enjoy in hopes that they carry these habits into adulthood.

The program's success has urged Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary to jump on board, with help from Halton Food for Thought and the St. Dominic community.

Sacred Heart began the program with a free salad bar trial for all students at the school. Students were offered a choice of four veggies, two fruits, two proteins, two grains (in addition to a gluten free option), and two salad dressing options. Following the successful trial run, students had the option to sign up for a six-week program, resulting in an outstanding 150 sign-ups.

And the salad bar program continues to grow! With the support of the school council administration, Halton Food for Thought, and the school’s Public Health Nurses, Holy Rosary Catholic Elementary completed a grant application to head their own salad bar for the 2018-2019 school year.

Thank you to administrators, parent volunteers and Public Health Nurses who have been instrumental in the planning and organization of the Salad Bar Lunch Program. Congratulations also goes out to Sacred Heart of Jesus, who with the help of the program, has earned a Gold in Ophea's Healthy Schools Certification for the second year in a row!


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