HCDSB Staff Take a Trip to Manitoulin Island
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HCDSB Pathway Consultants and Itinerants took a trip to Manitoulin Island this past September to deepen their understanding of Indigenous cultures.

Their days were packed with activities around the island, from a ferry ride on the Chi-Cheemaun to a visit to the Ojibway Cultural Foundation.

They also visited the M’Chigeeng Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, which combines Indigenous traditions and Catholic beliefs. The church was designed to represent a teepee, a fire pit and the circle of life. Artwork representing both belief systems filled the room, including colourful paintings by Leland Bell that depicted the Stations of the Cross, and beautiful carvings that represented Christ and the Great Spirit Kitche Manitou.

Pathways Consultants and Itinerants had the opportunity to experience the majestic beauty of the island, all while strengthening their knowledge of the Indigenous culture to incorporate in their teachings.

Thank you for bringing a deeper understanding of Indigenous traditions and perspectives back to HCDSB!​ 



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