HCDSB Students Meet the Prime Minister

Sidra and Tarek Sarmini of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School were grateful to meet the Prime Minister on their trip to Ottawa in March.

The trip was arranged through Terra Firma Halton, a sponsorship group that supports the family. The students were accompanied by their mother, Ranim Abosalim.

The trip included a tour of the House of Commons, the Supreme Court, and a visit to the Senate gallery for the swearing in of two new female Senators.

The family was ecstatic when they were brought into the Prime Minister’s office for a meet and greet, where he chatted with the family, took photos, and thanked Terra Firma Halton for their sponsorship.

Lorraine Green, one of the family's sponsors, explained that they were amazed that Canadian citizens have the opportunity to access the Parliament, and learn more about Canadian politics.

“The Prime Minister was amazing, and the trip was wonderful,” said Green. “One they will never forget.”



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