Student & Founder of Jean Vanier School's Hack Club Interviewed by The New York Times

On May 8th, 2 photographers from The New York Times visited Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School​ to interview and profile Grade 11 student, Dina Elhanan​.

Dina was selected as 1 of 4 students across North America to be featured in a New York Times article for her work in computer science and her significant contributions to her school's Hack Club!

There are over 300 clubs in schools across the globe, inspired by a non-profit networking organization called the Hack Club, based in San Francisco, California. 

Each week, Dina organizes meetings and invites Jean Vanier students from all grade levels to attend, while also encouraging females to get involved in computer programming. The topics of each meeting range from computer science, robotics, building a website for your resume, and learning how to code. ​​

Jean Vanier's Hack Club has grown in its inaugural year, beginning as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Club and eventually evolving into the Hack Club. The club grew after Dina and her fellow classmates were inspired by CanHacks​, an online cybersecurity competition held in the Fall of 2018.

"I wanted people just like me at school to start feeling passionate about something," says Dina. "So I said I'll start a club where I can cultivate that passion here, and it's the attitude of 'I can be creative and do my own thing', but use the resources that are there for me. I started this club as a way for people to bridge that gap between their interests and what's available at school. And to get them motivated to do things outside of the club."

Congratulations to Dina for this incredible achievement and best wishes to the Hack Club as they continue to learn, explore, and accomplish great things!


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