Loyola Cosmetology Students Inspired by Short Film ‘Hair Love’ During Black History Month

St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School Cosmetology students were inspired after watching the Oscar winning short-film Hair Love, and decided to explore a little further. 

Hair Love​, the story of a father tasked with doing his daughter’s hair for the first time, takes a deeper look at the cultural significance of afro hair.

Throughout February, students learned about hairstyles such as perms, presses, cornrows, box braids, dread locks and extensions. They delved into cultural and historical traditions, religious connections, pop culture and privilege within the hair industry.

Guest speaker and former Loyola student, Noureen Murray, also taught the class about African tribal braiding, and demonstrated how to complete a braid.

Kudos to Loyola Teacher, Bonnie March and her Cosmetology class for furthering their understanding of the historical roots and the cultural significance of afro hair!


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