Grade 10 Students at Notre Dame Embark on Pathways Exploration
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The Education Career Life (ECL) Committee at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School developed a new and innovative initiative this past fall!

The ECL Committee helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices about their education, career and life outside of school. 

In November 2019, over 250 Grade 10 students visited organizations such as Toyota and Honda Manufacturing Plants, Guelph and McMaster Universities, and Sheridan and Mohawk Colleges to explore pathways options, and gain a better understanding of what they would like to pursue going into their post-secondary education.

At the Toyota Manufacturing Plant, students had the opportunity to explore the operations of the plant, and watch machines in action. They were amazed to see machines completing tasks such as welding, lifting car shells, and delivering car parts around the plant – without a human driver!

As well as Toyota, students visited the Honda Manufacturing Plant in Alliston, Ontario. Here, students put on their ear buds and safety glasses and were walked through a full tour of the plant, exploring careers such as Robotics Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Creative Designer and Marketing Specialist.

After visiting both vehicle manufacturing plants, Grade 10 student Emma Wang spoke to her valuable experience, “I think that being open-minded about post-secondary options is a great idea because you may find your pathway outside of the typical college/university option.”

At both McMaster and Guelph University, students were met by guides who shared information about the schools, and even got the opportunity to peek in on a first-year chemistry lecture at Guelph University and a first-year nursing class at McMaster University!

Students also got a taste of college life at both Sheridan College and Mohawk College. Students had engaging and informative experiences at both colleges, learning about the programs they offer and receiving in-depth tours of both campuses.

Sincere thanks to our HCDSB Pathways Consultant, John Dietrich, and Notre Dame School Principal, Anthony Cordeiro, for providing funding for transportation to make these field trips possible. Thank you also goes out to the ECL Committee at Notre Dame for providing pathways exploration opportunities for our HCDSB students!

To learn more about HCDSB Pathways, visit their website.​


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