Notre Dame Raises Money Towards Two Amazing Causes

This October, staff and students at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School worked hard to organize and participate in two amazing causes.

On October 3, the ND community held Pink Day, a schoolwide initiative in support of the Terry Fox Foundation​. The festivities raised over $3240 to go towards innovative cancer research projects!

The school also held the Joe Luciani Memorial Bowl senior football game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders on October 10. The game is held every year to remember Joe Luciani, a beloved coach and Principal at both Notre Dame and STA.

The game raised over $2000 to go toward Luciani Memorial Scholarships, in which $500 will be offered to a graduating male and female student-athlete each year for the next two years!

Well done Notre Dame & St. Thomas Aquinas school communities for your amazing dedication to both causes!​ 


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