St. Joseph Student Announced as Winner of Little Inventors Space Challenge!
Photo credit to the Canadian Space Agency.
Photo credit to the Canadian Space Agency.

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School​ student, Connor Brown, is shooting for the stars as one of the winners of the Little Inventor’s Space Challenge!

The Little Inventor’s Space Challenge inspires students to use their imagination to create their own invention ideas. Connor’s idea was to make custom-designed astronaut boots with personalized imprints. This way, astronauts are able to tell whose footprint has made a mark on the moon!

Out of nearly 3000 entries, Connor’s invention was chosen to come to life. Chris Bellamy, a mechanical engineer from Vancouver, created the space boot.

From here, members of the public were encouraged to vote for their favourite invention.

Connor was announced as a winner of the Little Inventor’s Space Challenge at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Canadian Astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, made the announcement live from the International Space Station, orbiting 408 kilomentres above Earth! Watch the announcement here at the 13 minute mark.

Congratulations on this amazing achievement, Connor!


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