St. Raphael Holds Thanksgiving Food Drive!
An article written by Rebecca Tittarelli, teacher at St Raphael Catholic Elementary School.

The students at St. Raphael Catholic Elementary School have truly exemplified our Focus on Faith theme, 'Do you love me?' The students have shown Jesus’ love through their love for our fellow brothers and sisters. 

The school's student council and student ambassadors, comprised of hardworking and helpful intermediate students, took it upon themselves to support their greater community by collecting, organizing and sorting non-perishable items over the last two weeks. 

Students from Full-Day Kindergarten to Grade 8 participated in the food drive by donating non-perishable food items to support St. Raphael Parish. The items were brought to the school, where students sorted and prepared the donations for the parish community. The food items were delivered by student council members to the St. Raphael Parish on October 10th, 2019. Students worked with volunteers from the parish to stock shelves in the pantry. 

With October being a month of thankfulness, we are thankful to have such a wonderful school community that is always present to support our brothers and sisters in need. It goes to show that if each person helps a little, it can make a huge difference.

Special thanks to the St. Raphael school community, all students, and our wonderful intermediates for their continued and support during this month, and throughout the school year!


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