Keeping Christ in Christmas Student Contest

Thank you to all students for submitting their amazing entries to the 6th Annual Keeping Christ in Christmas contest! 

The submission and voting period is now closed. All finalists and winners were recognized at the
 December 18th Board Meeting.

Contest Winners

​​K-3 Category
Maëlle Rybinski, Holy Rosary (Milton)​
Grades 4-6 Category​
Alexa Cormier, St. Brigid

Listen to a friend
who really needs an ear.
Comfort a young child 
who might have a fear. 

Show respect to your teachers
who guide you everyday.
Love everyone around you 
black, white, straight or gay.

If someone has a problem 
offer some advice.
Remember that in all you do 
the key is to be nice.

Help someone who struggles 
with science or with math.
By doing these acts of kindness 
you are on the right path. 

Smile at a student 
who looks like he’s feeling down.
See what this small gesture 
can do to his frown. 

Help a teacher out 
with that time consuming task.
Do whatever you can
even if they didn’t ask. 

Donate some of your great things 
that you don’t really need. 
See how good it makes you feel
when you do a good deed. 

Guide someone across the street
who struggles when they walk. 
Have a conversation 
when someone needs to talk. 

Stick up for a kid 
who’s being bullied at your school 
because that is the real way 
to show that you are cool. 

Doing all these things 
I know without a doubt 
is really all about.​​

​​ ​
Grades 7-8 Category
​Cindy Bui, St. Benedict
Grades 9-12 Category
Francis Losa, Jean Vanier


A special note of appreciation is extended to Halton OECTA Elementary Association and Halton OECTA Secondary Association for their continued partnership and support of the Keeping Christ in Christmas student contest. We are grateful for their generous donations towards the top prizes awarded to the student winners.


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