Focus on Faith 

Theological Theme

The Halton Catholic District School Board's Theological Theme, "Who Do You Say That I Am?" (Mark 8:29) has been incorporated into the school year, as a means to infuse Catholicity into the Curriculum, in conjunction with our Catholic Social Teachings. The Theological Theme provides our students and staff with the support and guidance that enables them to give witness to their faith.


The Halton Catholic District School Board launched the new Theological Theme, Who Do You Say That I Am? (Mark 8:29) in November, 2013.​

The Theme will be implemented throughout our Board’s curriculum, and in our liturgical celebrations over the next three years (2013-2014; 2014-2015; 2015-2016).

An Image to Support Our Focus on Faith Theological Theme was created

The artwork showcased below, created by students and staff in Halton Catholic schools, is the culmination of many months of creative collaboration, coordinated by John Driscoll, Grade 4 teacher at Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School in Oakville. Mr. Driscoll initiated the creation of the design with his students, asking them to interpret, through their own creative expression, the meaning behind the words, ‘Who do you say that I am’. This activity was also undertaken by students from St. Luke Catholic Elementary School, St. Mark Catholic Elementary School, and St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School. The students worked together to come up with a ‘puzzle piece’ design, which would serve as the basis of the image. Each puzzle piece throughout the image features student artwork. Several puzzle pieces have been left blank throughout the image, offering an opportunity for further interpretation, and further exploration of the theme.

Board Prayer to Support Our Theological Theme

The following prayer was written by staff in support of the new theological theme, Who Do You Say That I Am?:

Jesus, Friend and Teacher,
You ask us,
"Who do you say that I am?”
Thank you for inviting us
To know you more each day. 
Quiet our minds
To hear your Word;
Open our hearts
To love you more;
For the more we know you,
The more brightly we reflect you.
You meet us in our every need,
Your love, new each day!
Guide us as we build your kingdom,
And find our home in you;
For you are the Lord,
The face of God,
And the breath of the Holy Spirit.