Asthma (allergic asthma and non-allergic asthma) is described as a chronic inflammatory disease of the ai

rway.  When in the presence of triggers the airways to the lungs react by narrowing and/or fill with mucus which makes breathing difficult.  If not treated properly, this can lead to a life threatening situation.

HCDSB Asthma Protocol

HCDSB Asthma Protocol​ for School Administrators and Teachers outlines the HCDSB protocol and procedures in managing and providing emergency treatment for students diagnosed by a physician with asthma in a school setting.

Asthma Package for Parents

The Asthma Package for Parents provides parents and guardians with information managing the medical condition at the school level, as well as the responsibilities of the school and parents. The student management and emergency treatment forms are to be completed and returned to the child’s school directly.