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C-1 - Prevention, Identification and Management Procedures
C-2 - Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion
C-3 - Halton Monitoring - Medical Examination Form
C-4 - Diagnosed Concussion - Return to Learn - Return to Physical Activity Forms
C-5 - Concussion Prevention Strategies
Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents
Concussion Fact Sheet for Students
Concussion Postcard for Parents
Frequently Asked Questions - For Parents
Parent-Guardian Concussion Information Package

The Halton Catholic District School Board, in partnership with parents and members of the community, value a healthy and safe learning environment for our students, that provides essential preconditions for effective learning. As an extension to this commitment, a comprehensive protocol based on current research and best practices has been developed to address the needs of students to prevent, recognize, and respond to a concussion.

What Is A Concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury that is caused by a blow to the head, face, neck, or body that can cause a sudden jarring of the head. Even what seems to be a mild bump to the head can be serious.

Research indicates that a concussion can affect a student’s school performance in both cognitive activities (school work) and physical activities (physical education program/interschool activities). Research also indicates that engaging in  cognitive and /or physical activities, while a child has a suspected and/or diagnosed concussion, can worsen concussion symptoms and delay the student’s recovery.  

Concussions that Occur During School-Organized Activities

Concussions that occur in school-organized activities will be documented and managed through our Board's Concussion Protocol. Through the collaborated efforts of the school team, partnered with the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the medical support team, the student will participate in the steps of the Return to Learn and the Return to Physical Activity plans. The student’s progress will be documented/tracked and continuously monitored through frequent communication between the school and home, until full-recovery has occurred.

Concussions that Occur Off School Property

Concussions often occur off school property (e.g., at home, in a car accident, or during a recreational sporting activity). In order to appropriately manage the concussion, it is necessary for the school to initiate the Return to Learn and the Return to Physical Activity plans. These are designed to minimize the risk of further injury and prevent the worsening of a concussion. 

NOTE: If ever your son/daughter has  a suspected or diagnosed concussion that occurs off the school site, contact the school principal as soon as possible and  prior to the student’s return to  school.

As a Board, we continue to make the health and safety of our students a priority to ensure that our students can thrive in all areas. Our new Concussion Protocol enhances that commitment.​​​


Prevention, Identification and Management - Helpful Information

C-1 Concussion Protocol: Prevention, Identification and Management Procedure 
C-2 Tool to Identify a Suspected Concussion
C-3 Halton Monitoring - Medical Examination Form
C-4 Return to Learn - Return to Physical Activity
C-5 Concussion Prevention Strategies

Fact Sheet for Parents and Students

The Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents and the Concussion Fact Sheet for Students can be found here.

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