Religious Education in Catholic Schools: Part III

Prerequisites for Religious Education In Catholic Schools, Part II
  • Certificate of Qualification: Must be registered with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) and submit OCT Certificate of Qualification at the start of the course.
  • Part II of Religious Education in Catholic Schools
  • Certificate of Teaching Experience: Evidence of at least two (2) years of successful teaching experience certified by the appropriate Supervisory Officer. The Certificate of Teaching Experience is included as part of the online registration form.

Course Description

Religious Education in Catholic Schools: Specialist Part III is part 3 of the 3 session specialist Additional Qualification courses identified in Schedule D (Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation 176/10) and is intended for the purposes of enhancing professional practice, design and teaching of programs through critical reflection and inquiry.

This AQ course employs a critical pedagogical lens to explore the following in a holistic and integrated manner:

  • Mission of Catholic schools;
  • Sacred scriptures;
  • Spiritual, sacramental and liturgical life;
  • The Church and a post-modern world;
  • Faith in action;
  • Ethics and morality;
  • Pedagogical practices for religious education;
  • School ministry;
  • The faith journey related to teaching and learning across the divisions.

Course Details

OCT mandates that the duration of all AQ Courses is 125 hours of contact time. Candidates in the AQ course must meet 100% of this contact time in order to successfully complete the AQ course requirements. The Halton Catholic District School Board’s Additional Qualification Courses: Religious Education in Catholic Schools, Part III delivers the requirements for certification in the following manner:

Blended Format

A portion of the course is offered online, and a portion is offered face-to-face. All AQ courses require that candidates successfully complete all course expectations for a total of 125 hours. Attendance in all face-to-face sessions is mandatory.

Fall & Spring Sessions Summer Sessions​
83 hours online
42 hours face-to-face

75 hours online
50 hours face-to-face

Content Delivery 
The content will be delivered in four (4) strands. Each strand is comprised of 25 hours of contact time (16 hours online and 9 hours face-to-face). The four strands are:
  • The Bible as Sacred Scripture;
  • Focus on Faith and Church;
  • Spiritual, Sacramental and Liturgical Life;
  • Ethics and Morality.

In each strand, candidates will be provided with a variety of learning opportunities centered around 5 themes: Foundational Knowledge, Covenant, Call, Image of God, and Human Dignity. When completing the Inquiry Portfolio Project, candidates will respond to their learning in the context of these themes. 

Inquiry Portfolio Project

Candidates will complete an Inquiry Project based on their individual learning needs. Candidates will explore their personal faith journey, their role as a Catholic educator in the context of leadership, and the practical application of the course learnings in an area of personal need or interest. The Inquiry Portfolio Project is comprised of 25 hours of contact time in the Fall and Spring sessions (19 hours online and 6 hours face-to-face) and 29 hours of contact time in the Summer sessions (21 hours online and 8 hours of face-to-face).

In addition to online work and classroom lessons, candidates will sign-up for one (1) ten-minute session and complete sections of the project as a culmination of their learning in each strand. They will also complete a performance component as a final culmination of their learning in the course. This date cannot be missed.

Course Schedule