Best Start 



Keeping You Informed About the Best Start Program.pdfKeeping You Informed About the Best Start Program
Map of Proposed Best Start Program Sites.pdfMap of Proposed Best Start Program Sites
Implemenation of Best Start Program.pdfImplemenation of Best Start Program
Best Start Program Initiative Recommendation.pdfBest Start Program Initiative Recommendation
Best Start Program Initiative.pdfBest Start Program Initiative

What is Best Start?

Ontario's Best Start program is a comprehensive, evidence-based early learning and care strategy. It aims to increase child care spaces, improve access to fee subsidies for services for children with special needs and improve the wages of child care workers. Furthermore, Best Start will support the Halton Our Kids hubs. In Halton’s model, hubs provide a one-stop shopping opportunity for families to access information about services for children 0 – 18 years.

Halton's Plan for Best Start

In July, 2005, the Province announced that Halton Region will receive $23.12 million from the provincial Best Start initiative to expand, over the next three years, child care capacity in the Region by over 600 spaces, primarily in or near schools, for children age 0 - 6 years.​