IPRC Process

The Halton Catholic District School Board adheres completely to the IPRC Process as outlined in Regulation 181/98 of the Education Act. It is also referred to in the Board’s Parent Guide.

Part D of the Ministry of Education’s publication Special Education in Ontario: A Guide for Educators Kindergarten to Grade 12 - Policy and Resource Guide 2017 specifically addresses the IPRC process, which is congruent with the process at HCDSB.  This can be found on the Ministry of Education’s website at: 

Regulation 181/98, regarding the legislation supporting the identification and placement of exceptional pupils, requires boards to review the identification and placement at least once in each school year, unless the parent gives written notice dispensing with the review, thus maintaining access to special education programs and services as determined by the most recent IPRC.  While IPRC meetings are convened annually, more than one IPRC can be held each year provided three months has elapsed since the last IPRC meeting, and at the formal written request of the parent and/or recommendation of the school.  In collaboration with home and school, the HCDSB endeavours to ensure appropriate identification and placement for all students through positive collaboration and communication between home and school.